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On Professional Conduct - Essay Example


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On Professional Conduct

This program is a study for people who are obliged to learning and are ready to accept the moral standards of behavior of the profession. While students are undergoing their education program, they endeavor to learn to support and restore health, prevent sicknesses and to also relief pain (Small man, 2004). Objectives The key issues to be highlighted in this discussion are going to be those concerning the aspect of professionalism in hospital settings. Professionalism will entail several issues like the way the nurses communicate with the patients, the way the nurses respect the patients in terms of their values, culture and religion, and the way the nurses conduct themselves. Literature Review According to nursing literature, professionalism is regarded as a very important aspect in any nursing profession (Niekerk & Younge, 2004). This is because it is professionalism that guides the way the nurses conduct themselves while they are serving their patients (Watson & Tilley, 2004). Patients value much the services of professional nurses. In addition, the same patients have a lot of confidence in the same services (Pyne, 1997). Therefore chances of them getting healed faster are high if the nurses demonstrate professionalism (Hally, 2008). Professionalism also affects the confidence that patients have on a particular hospital. For a professional action to be executed by the nurses, they have to take into consideration the facets of professionalism illustrated by figure 1 below Professionalism

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therefore, should be upheld in the best way possible. Discussion After my studies as a nurse a few years ago, I got a job at the New Breasen Hospital where I was to practice my nursing for the first time as a professional nurse. In this particular hospital, I was quite surprised by some of the behaviors portrayed by some of my colleagues who had been in the field for a while. Every day was a day full of new bad surprises because of the way some of the nurses were behaving and treating the patients. Most of my colleagues did not seem to know why they were actually working as nurses. The good professional conduct of a nurse that was there in the hospital was very limited compared to how I expected it to be (Chiarella & Staunto, 2007). According to the nursing profession, respect for values, culture and religion of patients/clients should come first, but I noticed some of them being ignored. The different patients who visited and still visit our hospital had the majority being kind of used to the negative attitude they received from some nurses, the head nurse of our department, which deal with post-natal clinic where new born babies have their growth and health checked continuously as they grow up until they reach a certain age where they are stable. Grace, the head of our department had the tendency of shouting at women who brought their babies for weighing and other procedures (Hally, 2008). There were few other nurses who had similar behavior. When I realized that a few individuals had that problem of misconduct, I was not discouraged because a good number of nurses from different departments were working professionally only that a few people were letting them down, and as much as we were trying our best to give our patients the much needed respectful treatment, it was not working well and was not easy because apart from the nurses conduct, the


Professional conduct Name: Institution: Introduction Nursing is footed on the moral value of commitment to endorsing happiness by experienced and compassionate care. Professional conduct refers to the way in which an individual portrays his/her actions in a professional capacity…
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