Personal Definition of Nursing

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Personal Definition of Nursing Name Course Professor Institution Date Abstract The following paper will define nursing and elaborate on the professional values as well as personal values required in ensuring sufficient service delivery to consumers of health care.


Personal Definition of Nursing Health care forms the epicenter and mechanism of human survival and well being in the contemporary world. In that case, countries and governments have instituted professional courses that seek to educate particular students on issues regarding health care so that they can help in sustaining and ensuring the wellbeing and survival of the general populace. One and basic course that regards training on health care is nursing course. Nursing has evolved and undergone periodical revolution alongside technological advancements in medicine. Before industrialization, definition of nursing was limited to midwives. Today, nursing has become a broad field having an explicit definition as the act of applying clinical judgment in caring for people by ensuring maintenance, improvement and recovery of health. Nursing can also be defined as the act of using clinical precepts in preserving health problems of other people and ensure achievement of the best quality of life no matter the disease and disorder suffered by patient. Just like other courses and occupations, nursing has particularly defined professional values, principles and rules, and personal attributes required in order to ensure maximum service delivery to the patients. ...
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