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CULTURES Arab Group Discussion 1 1. How should the nurse respond to Mrs. Nasser’s request? Explain your rationale First, it is important for the nurse to understand that her professionalism as a nurse transcends beyond her ability to give medical health to a patient.


The rationale here is that when patients and clients are given enough room to express themselves, they co-operate better with nurses and nurses have the opportunity of giving them detailed healthcare. 2. Identify culturally congruent strategies that may be most effective in addressing the needs of Mrs. Nasser. Leininger (1995) has largely been associated with culturally congruent strategies with her concerns and introduction of trans-cultural nursing. Leininger (1991) identifies three culturally congruent strategies, all of which are application in the sense of the scenario presently at hand. i. Cultural preservation or maintenance: The first strategy at the disposal of the nurse as a way of ensuring cultural congruency is to take steps to ensure that the culture of Mrs. Nasser is unadulterated and kept intact. This is to say that she must take steps to maintain or preserve the culture of Mrs. Nasser. It is advised that the best way the nurse can do this without compromising on the fact that the little girl receives treatment after examination of her private part however is that she (the nurse) must do everything possible to assure Mrs. Nasser that she (the nurse) respects her culture so much and would love to ensure that her culture is not trampled upon. The nurse is therefore not to assume of a position of ruthlessness on Mrs. ...
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