Patient Presentation with COPD

Patient Presentation with COPD Essay example
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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, otherwise known as COPD is a general term used in a disease state characterised by progressive limitation and obstruction of the airflow and is associated with chronic cough, dyspnoea on exertion, expectoration and wheezing.


COPD is partially irreversible and its symptoms are associated with hyper-responsiveness of the airways. The aforementioned conditions are recognized as a major disability causing a progressive chronic airway obstruction or narrowing that frequently occur as one entity. In the United Kingdom (UK), the prevalence of COPD affects both men and women more commonly in their fourth decade of life. Differential diagnosis of COPD includes asthma, congestive heart failure, bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, obliterative bronchiolitis, and diffuse panbronchiolitis. Nonpharmacological and pharmacological management are considered in treating the patient. Other treatments include rehabilitation, oxygen therapy, and ventilatory support.

Patient Presentation with COPD
A Brief Introduction:
This paper discusses chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and its significance in the family and community settings, its socio-economic and cultural background, past medical history, differential diagnosis, and current guidelines relating to pharmacological and nonpharmacological patient management. The analysis of psychosocial impact of COPD to the patient and her family as well as strategies for patient education, and the context of multidisciplinary care team are also will be discussed in the paper.

Short Background on COPD:
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