Music Therapy in Nursing Practice

Music Therapy in Nursing Practice Coursework example
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MUSIC THERAPY IN NURSING PRACTICE (A Critical Review of a Research Study Article) Name of Student (author) Student ID Number: Name of Course: Professor’s Name: Name of School (University) Date of Submission: February 08, 2012 Music Therapy in Nursing Practice Student’s Name: ________________________ ______________________________________ 1.


2. The abstract provides an effective overview of the research article as it includes the design, conceptual framework, methods, sample, results, and implications for practice. SA 5 (4) 3 2 1 SD Answer: There was no specific section of the article which was labeled as the Abstract but the authors gave a brief summary of the results, aims, research design, conclusion and its relevance to nursing practice. In this regard, I find the overview comprehensive enough for the article. 3. The introduction establishes the importance and problem of the study and includes a purpose statement. If not, what purpose statement would you suggest? SA (5) 4 3 2 1 SD Answer: The introduction gave enough background information on the need to study the use of music on intubated patients who rely on mechanical support for ventilation. The purpose of the study was already stated previously under its aims section at the very beginning of the article. 4. The literature review is current, supports/justifies the need for the study, logically links previous research findings, and identifies gaps in the knowledge. ...
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