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ethics paper - Essay Example

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Therefore, researchers should be aware of the research code of ethics (ethical concept and principles) prior to conducting any research study and maintaining the adherence throughout the study period…

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ethics paper

Thus, considering working in a highly collaborative team as well as peer review is strongly recommended as it helps in protecting the data from potential falsification.
Researchers must rationalize each step in their study and provide reasonable answers to questions when needed. Being open to discuss any concerns and issue that are addressed by activist side by side, will avoid halting the study (Bennett, 2010). The main objective of a research is to comprehend the unique contributions of each member of the team from the word go, effective communication, and the willingness to share any findings or an idea with the other team members. This helps in avoiding conflicts of interest and consequently study failure.
Researchers should keep in mind all the research ethics so as to ensure a smooth and successful study. First, any respondent should be free to accept or decline to participate in a research question. Soliciting respondents with gifts such as money so as to participate in the research is also unethical. A non-voluntary consent such as, giving the participants money to enroll them in the study is unethical and considered as coercive (Moodly, 2007). Where the information might be sensitive, respondents views should be confidential, and anonymity can be another ...
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