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Fundamentals of Nursing

This paper approves that nursing professionals possess knowledge in its various forms, which they should use in their line of duty such that it is for the benefit of a patient. However, a nurse must have all levels of knowing including personal, empirical, ethical, and aesthetic. This enables not only effective care of patients, but assures quality and adherence to acceptable levels of standards and ethics. Consequently, a nurse becomes more effective and efficient in his or her work, which in turn increases the ability of the nurse to be more effective due to a high self-esteem and a feeling of achievement. A nurse should be capable of differentiating between knowledge and belief, only then can one apply these two aspects in practice for optimal results. Nursing professionals should use a carefully balanced amalgamation of these knowledge types to ensure that their patients get the best service the profession has to offer.
This essay makes a conclusion that an aspect of the nursing profession facing stiff criticism is evidence-based practice, which aims to ensure that all decisions and actions by nurses use chosen studies as a basis. This does not auger well with critics, who purport that evidence based practice is limiting and denies nurses and other scientists from having a different opinion from the given ones. In this regard, evidence based practice hinders innovation and prevents nurses from reaching their full potential in their profession. Though standards should be used for quality assurance purposes, they should be flexible enough to allow for personal choice and innovation. ...
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This paper talks that the ethical pattern of knowing is evident in practise especially as one attempts to follow written and unwritten codes of ethics to discern what ought to be done by differentiating right from wrong and taking responsibility of one’s actions…
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