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Fundamentals of Nursing 1. Article: “Fundamental patterns of knowing” by Barbara Carper. In relation to the four ‘patterns’ she presents, analyse how these relate (or not) to your own clinical nursing practice? Barbara Carper’s ‘Fundamental patterns of knowing’ is relevant to my nursing practice because all the four patterns she describes apply in my nursing practice in one way or the other.


Thirdly, aesthetic knowing enables me to react to occurring phenomena even without conscious thought, such that I understand a situation in more ways than what is observable, or what a patient says. Finally, I express empirical knowledge through my ability to appreciate scientific facts, using senses to analyse situations and following the accepted standard operating procedures (Carper 1978, p. 13-24). Knowledge and Nursing 1. What is the difference between knowledge and belief? Knowledge and belief are similar notions of the same phenomenon, such that belief begets knowledge and not the other way round. If a person can prove that something exists or a certain procedure works, then that is knowledge, whereas belief is based on the premise that what the person believes is right but cannot be proved. For instance, it is common knowledge that the sun rises in the morning; a belief that has been proven repeatedly throughout the existence of the world. Therefore, everybody ‘knows’ that the sun rises in the morning based on recurrence of the phenomena regardless of other factors. ...
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