Problem Solving Approach to Patient Care

Problem Solving Approach to Patient Care Essay example
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PROBLEM SOLVING APPROACH TO PATIENT CARE Name Institution Nursing Tutor Date Introduction In this assignment, the care of a patient on my first placement will be discussed. For confidentiality purposes as stipulated in the nurse’s code of conduct, the patient will be named as Mr.


Jones since it is holistic and is concerned with how disease progress alters the activities of daily living of the patient. Upon applying the RLT model on Mr. Jones, three problems have been identified: eating/ drinking, mobilization, and death and dying. The nursing model will be implemented for the preparation of the nursing care plan since it is not only a holistic mode, it is also flexible, accessible, and hence can be modeled to suit the specific needs of the client. Respect of Mr. Jones and his preference in care and partnership with other health practitioners will be inculcated in this assignment. At the end of the assignment, care accorded to Mr. Jones with the help of the RTP model will be evaluated and a reflection of my nursing management delineated (Agleton & Chalmers, 2000, p. 10). Nursing models overview Nursing models serve as the foundation of nursing activities since they outline the professional interaction that takes place between a nurse and the patient. Prior to the use of nursing models, nursing was anchored on the medical model. According to this model, the patient gets ill as a result of pathology, once the pathology is detected; treatment modalities are channeled towards eliminating the pathology. It was a mechanized form of managing the patient since it did not take into consideration the other aspects of a patient that may be causing the illness; it did not provide holistic care to the patient. ...
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