Lesbian Women's Sexual Health - A Neglected Area of Practice

Lesbian Women
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Lesbian Women’s Sexual Health Name Course Professor Institution Date Introduction According to Dolan (2005), Lesbian Women's Sexual Health is a neglected area of government policy and practice within the United States of America. Described as a major health threat associated with lesbian women, Lesbian Women’s Health has become a major public concern.


This assumption has thus failed to acknowledge that majority of lesbian women need sexual orientation as they too have had heterosexual relationships and may possibly be at risk of developing addition sexual health problems such as cervical neoplasia, for instance. According to Dolan (2005), the orientation of Lesbian women should not be ignored as they also face a number of other health risks. Many of these additional health risks reflect their stigmatized status, their limited access to health care as well as health communication. This particular paper therefore intends to provide a review of Lesbian Women's Sexual Health as a neglected area of practice. Why the Issue of Lesbian Women’s Sexual Health is Important as a Neglected Area of Practice As highlighted by Edwards (2008), the health needs of lesbian women have been described as one of the most ignored areas as far as health care is concerned. As a consequence, Edwards (2008) argues that it is important that they are provided with an accessible, impartial as well as an appropriately sensitive care that relies on the deconstruction of the erroneous assumption of lesbians as particular kinds of women with specific health needs related to their sexuality. ...
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