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Running head: Lived Experience of Anxiety Lived Experience of Anxiety Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name February 23 2012 Lived Experience of Anxiety 1. Introduction to the chosen topic Anxiety is a general state of bad feeling that results into fear, nervousness, apprehension, or worrying (MediLexicon International Ltd, 2012).


Chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and other mental disorders are associated with anxiety. Anxiety is common among patients undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning, a modern technology in radiography that gives images of human tissues. Some researches have indicated that about 25-37% of patients undergoing the scan experience moderate to high levels of anxiety (Tornqvist et al, 2006). The causes of anxiety among patients during MRI scanning are varied. Some of the causes are the scan environment and the levels of noise. MRI scans can take between 25 and 60 minutes (Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1998) or even more and the patient is required to stay still in this period to get good result (Tornqvist et al, 2006). Short breath in the scanner may cause anxiety. Anxiety is also caused by fear of the results that may be revealed by the scan. The anxiety can increase in certain instances leading to the disruption of the scanning process. This is disastrous to the patient as well the health-providing center. 2. Aim and purpose of the study The main aim of the study is to illuminate the lived experience of patients during an episode of anxiety. ...
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