Pain Management in a Polytrauma Patient

Pain Management in a Polytrauma Patient Essay example
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Polytrauma is a condition where a patients has two or more injuries to organ systems or physical regions, with one being life threatening, resulting in cognitive, physical, psychosocial, or psychological functional disability or impairments.


Patients suffering from neuropathic pain display characteristics of complete or partial changes in the innervations territories that correspond to the central nervous or peripheral system pathology. Additionally, there is paradoxical occurrence of hypersensitivity and pain in denervated zones and their surroundings (Thomas 125). These nerve problems occur in different conditions and different locations of the nerve lesion. Consequently, there is no single mechanism entirely responsible for maintaining and generating all the signs and symptoms in neuropathic pain. Overall treatment of neuropathic pain remains a problem, though the increasing evidence of effective neuropathic pain treatment makes it important for clinicians to know the effective drugs in relieving pain as well as their side effects. Additionally, there is need for a treatment algorithm based on evidence for treating neuropathic conditions. A direct comparison of different drugs in both their side effects and efficacy will ideally lead to the best drug for the algorithm. However, the availability of such comparisons is limited. The other viable option is to estimate relative safety and efficacy using the number needed to harm (NNH) and the number needed to treat (NNT) approach. Past research and studies using this approach appraise four pharmacological drug classifications that prove important in the management of neuropathic pain: antidepressants, anticonvulsants, opioids, and NMDA antagonists (Medscape).
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