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Combating Compassion Fatigue

Cognitive symptoms entail apathy, disorientation, preoccupation with trauma, minimization, rigidity, and lowered concentration. Emotional symptoms include anxiety, anger, fear, sadness, depleted, blunted, enhanced affect, shock, depression, helplessness, numbness, guilt, and powerlessness (Portnoy, 2011). The individual may experience troubling dreams similar to those of the patient. The individual may also experience sudden and involuntary recall of a frightening situation while working with the family or the patient. Concerning behavioral symptoms, the individual may be withdrawn, have poor sleep, a change in appetite, isolated, and hyper-vigilance, have nightmares, moody, and irritable. Spiritual symptoms include pervasive hopelessness, questioning of one’s religious beliefs, skepticism, loss of faith, loss of purpose, and questioning of the meaning of life. Somatic symptoms entail rapid heartbeat, pains and aches, impaired immune system, difficulty staying or falling asleep, headaches, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, and sweating (Portnoy, 2011). The Nature of the Problems and Their Causes Portnoy (2011) states that compassion fatigue is caused by empathy. Compassion fatigue is a form of burnout that appears unexpectedly and with little or no warning. The condition is generally persistent than burnout. ...
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Combating Compassion Fatigue The Warning Signs for Five Major Concepts of Compassion Fatigue Compassion fatigue and burnout overlap and an individual can suffer from both conditions. They have similar symptoms and both affect relationships and health of the individuals affected…
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