Am I a Good Match for My Current Nursing Position

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And when it comes to instrumental values, I hold dependability and trust very close to my heart. I highly value these structures which I set for myself in terms of my career aspirations and my personal growth. I firmly believe that these are the value structures which are adopted by people in the nursing field. I also believe that personal development is the key to improve self-knowledge, identity, talents as well as enhancing the quality of life.  For me, nursing is not a career but a way of life. I thrive hard to be the best that I can be through my personal development and dedication in my line of duty. I firmly believe that my skills are a good match with your current position through my progress, my recent strength quest analysis and my interviews with my supervisors. Summary of Strengths Quest Findings:  Through my strength quest activity, I come to a final conclusion that I have the abilities that it needs to be in my current position and it increases my confident that I am good match for my current nursing position. The strength insight reports reflect my development, positivity, empathy, input and individualization. In the developer section, it mentions that one of my strength is that I engage myself in group activities and projects which is extremely important in my line of work. It states that I find purpose or meaning in the simple things that money cannot buy. ...
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