The Role of a Neonatal Nurse

The Role of a Neonatal Nurse Essay example
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The Role of a Neonatal Nurse Name University The Role of a Neonatal Nurse Neonatal nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have advanced qualifications in neonatal care and nursing. They provide care and assess the neonates who are acutely ill and are admitted in the NICU-neonatal intensive care unit- for any reason.


This particular designation in the nursing field was introduced in 1980s after the certification by the National Certification Corp. Nowadays a total of 46 programs for Nurse practitioners also offer training courses for Neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs) (Freed et al 2010; Fitzpatrick & Ea 2011). The role of the neonatal nurses extends from physical examination of the newborns, their assessments to the critical care of the acutely ill neonates and their follow-up. The role of the neonatal nurse is conspicuous and her expertise is needed in various aspects regarding the neonate. The neonatal nurse should have command over regulating ventilators, hemodynamic monitoring, transfusion methods, blood sampling, newborn examination and assessment, management of acutely ill neonates in NICU. Neonatal nurse also has great responsibilities when it comes to interpersonal skills related to parent counseling in cases of child death, obtaining consent, support in critical conditions and explaining various procedures to the parents and families. Moreover, a neonatal nurse should have a high comfort level when it comes to dealing with the little neonates, as this area requires very fine and excellent skills (Fitzpatrick & Ea 2011). The neonatal nurse plays an important role in assessment and examination of the neonate immediately after birth. ...
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