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Domestic Violence Name Course Institution Date Introduction Domestic violence is not only a contemporary concern but also a critical healthcare issue across the globe. According to Smith, Rainey, Smith, Alamares, and Grogg (2008), domestic violence cuts across the nation, Florida being not an exception.


The following questions attempt to provide an insight understanding of the concept of domestic violence. 1) According to Stanhope & Lancaster, what are the types of family violence? According to Stanhope and Lancaster, types of family violence include sexual, emotional, physical and child abuses. Family violence also includes child neglect and abuse of female partners and older adults. In most cases, abuses in this regards are usually a process done repeatedly. Female partners who experience physical abuses in some case end up being abused sexually. Stanhope and Lancaster believe that abuse is about power and control that includes amongst other activities isolation, threats, and intimidation. Abuse also includes using children, being cruel to children or partner, withholding support, as well as withholding rights associated with sex or affection. In addition, the researchers identified some of the risk factors that are linked to child or partner abuse. For instance, in line with child abuse, the risk factors that may prompt a parent to engage in activities that violate the rights of a child include lack of social support, low tendency with respect to depression, and stress factors amongst others. 2) According to the Smith et al. ...
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