Breast Feeding and Prevention of Breast Cancer

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Breast Feeding and Breast Cancer Prevention Name of student: Course: Instructor: Date of submission: Evidence based practice on breast feeding and prevention of breast cancer Abstract Healthcare providers and childbirth educators have for a long time been promoting breast feeding as a protective measure against breast cancer (Winchester, 2006).


However, it is still unclear whether it provides complete protection, since many studies have had different variables including age, smoking, medication and family history as possible risk factors. Mid-wives and nurses have professional mandate to give information to mothers and pregnant women regarding their breast feeding choice? This information will also include how their respective choices will affect their general health. However, it is quite crucial that the information bases on evidence. Researchers have found evidence that breast feeding can protect women from breast cancer, but how that happens, they have not provided an elucidative explanation. Therefore, this study does not give an assurance of complete dependence on breast feeding as a protective measure against breast cancer. Introduction Contribution of breast feeding to breast cancer prevention remains imprecise despite there being enough evidence to make people believe that child bearing has protective effect against breast cancer. Earlier research indicates that women having their first babies after the age of 25, or those having lesser than four children are at a high risk of breast cancer. It also reveals that having a baby before 25 years of age, or having more children, offered protection against breast cancer, triggered by hormones. ...
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