The Role of the RN In Medical Surgical

The Role of the RN In Medical Surgical Essay example
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Running Head: ROLE OF THE RN IN MEDICAL SURGICAL Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Surgical registered nurses execute fundamental roles that include treatment and education of patients and the patients’ next of kin about both physical and emotional medical conditions, which may arise as a consequence of a medical malfunction which calls for a surgery (Ignatavicius, 2007).


Surgical nurses play a fundamental role in provision of health care services to patients before, during and after surgical operations. Their work consists of both outside and inside the sterile field where they deal with direct patient care as well as offering the necessary support to the surgical team (Workman, 2009). Under the surveillance of a surgical physician, surgical nurses offer services in the operation room in addition to pre-surgical departments in the hospital. Their services facilitate smooth operating procedures by preparing patients for a surgery, helping the surgeon during an operation and further attending to the patients after the surgery until they fully recover. However, even though the working environment for surgical nurses can be considered to be good, sometimes they turn out to be both emotionally and physically stressful since they are required to be alert for most of their shifts and sometimes they are forced to work beyond their scheduled shifts (Maclise, 2008). ...
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