Critical Incident Analysis: Definition, Models and Frameworks

Critical Incident Analysis: Definition, Models and Frameworks Essay example
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Critical Incident Introduction The practice of nursing places the nurse and the patient in a condition wherein a person’s call for help is responded in the ethos of care and respect (Gallagher 2007). The encounter becomes an opportunity for an authentic meeting to happen between persons during times of vulnerability.


In this regard, this paper will tackle one incident in the practice, which has become a catalyst for deeper search within one’s self in the circumstances of one’s work. Critical Incident Analysis: Definition, Models and Frameworks A critical incident analysis is defined as “an observable human activity that is sufficiently complete in itself to permit inferences and predictions to be made about the person performing the act” (Flannagan 1954, p 332). It is “snapshot, vignette, brief episode, a situation or encounter which is of interest” (Minghella & Benson, 1995, p. 207). A critical incident may involve the patient, and /or the family and the nurse. It may be positive or negative depending on how the person views and analyses the incident (Cotton 2001). In critical incident analysis, there are two elements, the event which serve as the vehicle for the analysis and while the second element which is the analysis or the ensuing reflection in the incident and on the incident (Collins & Pieterse 2007). In doing critical incident analysis, several models have been offered. Models serve as frameworks that will guide the person in analysing the event. It is the paradigm in which the event is made understandable. In other words, model is the lens that people use as they try to understand and make sense of their experiences of the world. ...
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