The Roll of the RN in Hospice

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Role of Registered Nurse in Hospice Student’s First name, Middle initial and Last name Name of University Prof. First and Last name of lecturer March 10, 2012 Role of Registered Nurse in Hospice Registered nurses (RN) play a vital role in hospice care - a facility specifically designed to care for the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients and their families.


They are required to spend several hours a day with these patients who suffer from a variety of diseases like cancer, AIDS, coronary heart diseases or pulmonary diseases and therefore become emotional caretakers of these patients. Hence, they work towards ensuring that the last moments of the patient and their family is spent as comfortably as possible. To this extent, patients in hospice are given interdisciplinary care that is coordinated and managed by a registered nurse on a day-to-day basis. The RN therefore plays a crucial role as an advocate for the patient and their family and as a manager of a multidisciplinary professional team. The RN in hospice care aims to improve the quality of life of patients by avoiding interventions that may prove to be burdensome. They provide palliative care that focuses on relieving the suffering, control symptoms and restore functional capacity of the patients (Morrow, 2009). The medications administered by the registered nurses to the patients are not intended to help them in their recovery, but rather to provide relief from pain and other troubling symptoms so as to make the remaining days of their life as comfortable as possible. ...
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