Administering A Subcutaneous Injection

Administering A Subcutaneous Injection  Essay example
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The aim of this essay is to give an account of my experiences in administering a subcutaneous injection at a local hospital. It also aims at describing the learning theories that were applicable to me while in the field.


This occurred during my service to their patients and in the gaining of knowledge during my practices at the hospital. The main purpose for choosing this topic was because I wanted to enhance my learning and have been greatly fascinated by the practices in the discipline. The subcutaneous injection that I administered was for insulin which an elderly patient at the hospital required. The participants in the activity were my lecturer who acted as the lone examination officer, one elderly patient and I, the learner being examined. I choose this particular topic since many people are currently suffering from diabetes and I would really like to give them an insight of how these injections are administered. I learnt how to perform the operation through my theory classes in school and from observing how professionals in the field performed it. I was at first nervous before I began the operation but on repeatedly watching other professionals perform it and occasionally being involved I have in turn gained confidence. During the course of my practice I have not treated other ailments but have participated in caring for the patients who suffer from them. The activities I have assisted them in include cleaning themselves, feeding some of them and following up on whether they are correctly taking their prescribed medications. At first, I had to observe the patient in question to determine whether his disease symptoms called for the injection. ...
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