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Human Resource Name Institution Introduction Human Resources can be described as the people or manpower behind an organization’s functioning. Human resources management is the organizational unit that deals with matters regarding the work force. It looks into issues like recruitment, hiring, management, safety and compensation of the labor.


This paper will discuss some of the objectives that a health care organization has and the implications that these objectives have on the human resource management. It will also look into the actions taken by these health organizations to achieve these objectives and the methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of human resource management. (Pace, 1991) A health care organization must have objectives that guide them in their line of duty. Some of these objectives are strategic and have implications on the human resource management. These objectives are; to promote health and impart health education, to immerse in disease inspection and analysis and to collaborate with governments and administrations around the world to promote health promotional programs. These three objectives have implications on human resource management. Human resource management is concerned with the safety and compensation of manpower among other things. When the objectives of a health care regarding promoting of health and imparting, disease inspection and analysis have been attained, then the expenses incurred by the human resource management to make sure that the staff members are safe are cut down and therefore there will be no expenses on compensation brought about by poor health care. ...
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