Frequent Repositioning May not always be Effective to Prevent Pressure Ulcer

Frequent Repositioning May not always be Effective to Prevent Pressure Ulcer Essay example
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Frequent Repositioning May Not Always Be Effective To Prevent Pressure Ulcer Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Abstract The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: (1) to find research-based articles supporting that repositioning may only be effective as a prevention measure for those at particularly high risk of pressure ulcers, such as low Braden scale scores; and (2) to discuss the articles.


According to the study of Rich et al. (2011), pressure ulcers account for an average cost of more than $15,000 for excess hospital cost with charges associated to hospital stays (p. 11). Longer hospital stays and costs, as well as the substantial pain and suffering on the part of the patient can be reduced if focus will be given on preventing pressure ulcers. Frantz, Tang & Titler (2004) stated in their article that the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) conducted a literature review in the summer of 1990 and found out that the incidence of pressure ulcers range from 2.7%to 29.5%, 9% of it occur in general population while 66% occur in high riskpopulations.Based on the results of the statistics, population at a relative high risks for pressure ulcers are more likely to have more incidences of the case.Thus, bedbound patients are at high risks for developing pressure ulcers. Learning the susceptibility of a population to develop pressure ulcers, a number of preventive measures including international and clinical guidelines for pressure ulcer prevention have been recommended; among of which include frequent repositioning of patients with limited mobility. ...
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