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Educational mission statement Name Institutional affiliation Date Educational mission statement Drug abuse against Youth Empowerment In the midst of the American Society Drug misuse, has been a critical problem that has been on the increase and no individual appears to rise with the proper resolution.


Leadership aspects among the youth that are a made-up attribute by the education institutions and views laid down by the current leaders are now criticized by the formative people because of hopelessness and the utilization of the substances (Ministry of National Security. (2010). Problems The institution faces malnutrition and severe closed head injuries obtained from the accident. In detail, the problems can be broken down into the consumption, clinical and environmental issues that institution endures in the clinical surrounding. Moderately, institution should be able to adhere to the prescribed information regarding the amounts of medication available during the enteral feeding mode. Clinical and physical conditions that BJ endures after the accident include a coma induced naturally after certain test were conducted in the hospital by the experts. The faced situations by institution were considerably abnormal according to the caregivers as severe closed head trauma assesses the normal neural processes within the cranium. Finally, the environmental assessments of institution regarding her skills, religion, attitude, food security and nutrition availability from her initial environment was somehow unattended. ...
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