Diagnoses, Medication and Treatment of a Patient with Complex Ailments

Diagnoses, Medication and Treatment of a Patient with Complex Ailments  Essay example
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Diagnoses, Medication and treatment of a patient with complex ailments Name Institution Upon joining medical Profession, I did not foresee challenges that on find my way. Although I was sure that challenges are what make proper profession, little was known about what Nurses and Doctors go through as they try to save lives.


As a professional medic, I had to do all the prescribed processes. First, I did the patient's initial assessment to determine whether the patient was under any life threats. In doing this, I formed a general idea to guide me to decide whether the patient was ill. I immobilized the forefront in preventing further abuse of other organs, assessed his level of consciousness according to the criteria of AVPU- alert responses of the patient to pain stimuli, responses of the patient to verbal stimuli, as well as unresponsive. Having checked the responsiveness level, I checked for his airway, breathing, as well as the circulation, commonly known as ABC. This entailed the removal of any foreign substance that could have blocked the airway. This time, I maintained the patients positioning by removing any blocking objects while carefully positioning the patient's head while keeping in mind the significance of jaw-trust technique as stated by Brimacombe (2000). Secondly, I checked the breathing rate of the patient, and it confirmed that the patient's breathing was much less than eight times per minute. Because of this, I had to facilitate his breathing by use of bag valve attached to an oxygen source. Thirdly, I checked the patient pulse rate by palpating his carotid vein which is located in the neck. ...
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