Roles of a Registered Nurse

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Roles of a Registered Nurse (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract Registered nurses, also known as (RN), are the majority of the employees in the industry of health. They are often responsible for assigning tasks to other nurses, nursing assistants and licensed practitioners.


Introduction The nursing profession has evolved with time, and as a result, there has been a growth in the scale of practice where nurses work. Registered nurses, especially in the emergency room are such an example of rapid expansion (Buettner, 2009). This practice emanated from the increased demand of the public on emergency departments, nursing and medical shortages and the pressure from the government to reduce the waiting times in the emergency department and the length of stay of patients. There are various laws of the state, which govern the tasks that registered nurses undertake; however, the setting of the work place that decides their daily duties (Tinsley, 2007). The Role of a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room The registered nurses have various roles that they play. Their work is to promote and address health issues, address prevention of health diseases and assist patients to cope up with illnesses (Buettner, 2009). In addition, they are also health educators and advocates for communities, families and patients. When they are in charge of providing patient care directly, they examine, evaluate and write down signs and symptoms, reactions and progress of patients. They also give a hand to physicians during examinations and treatments, oversee the administration of medication, and they also help in rehabilitation and convalescence (Tinsley, 2007). ...
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