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week 3 posts 8000

In the interdisciplinary section, there should be collaboration with the information technology department. This aids in better communication gaining more knowledge and improved healthcare. With the integrative practitioner, the opportunity provides them with skills in healthcare economics, financial management, and budget management (Zaccagnini & White, 2012).
Thanks for your substantive post on this week’s discussion; it is true that a DNP nurse is among the highest levels in the nursing profession (AANC, 2006). It provides students an obligation, to develop leadership qualities, impact healthcare, quality improvement, and better patient outcome. This is done through intra and interdisciplinary collaboration
In your post, you explained that the collaboration promotes strengthening networks, reduction of costs and better nursing practice. It also provides an opportunity to work with scientists, medical doctors, and public officials.
The examples you have continued and provided are very elaborate and comprehensive. In DNP, you showed interdisciplinary collaboration by involving information technology. On the part of PHN, there is a collaboration with public officials, physicians, teachers, and other paraprofessionals.
AACN. (2006, October). Essentials of doctoral education for advanced nursing practice. Retrieved from American Association of Colleges of Nursing: ...
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You explained that interdisciplinary involved people in the same discipline. They are of different levels of skill. Interdisciplinary, on the other hand, involves two or more…
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