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Being a nursing leader in the current times amounts to leading and aiding people through choices that nobody wants to make. It also means accompanying one’s clients and colleagues on a journey that could be customized, reconfigured and redesigned along the way.


It is about understanding the context in which a specific healthcare service is delivered. It may not be exactly about having a solid vision, but still it does involve having a nascent idea as to how things ought to be. It definitely involves having the ability to connect to other people. When one analyzes these salient attributes of nursing leadership, the one name that propitiously comes to my mind is that of Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale not only revolutionized the nursing practices as they existed in her times, but also happened to be an instrument of change. Comparing oneself with such a leadership icon is indeed humbling. Still, on doing so I have realized that I do share some attributes with Florence Nightingale, while I need to strive hard to muster some other attributes ascribed to this great nursing leader.
Florence Nightingale as a Nursing Leader
The one attribute of Florence Nightingale was that she came into nursing with a sense of passion. She happened to be from a well to do family and could have opted for some easy life by marrying into a status family as her family wanted her to do (Donahue, 2007, p. 199). However, contrary to this, Florence decided to be a nurse at the age of twenty five. There is no denying the fact that Florence’s choice of a career was imbued with a sense of purpose, a marked sense of direction and a passion for doing something extraordinary in the career she choose. ...
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