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Nursing - Medication Errors

To compress in a nut shell, it can be described as the wrong medication to the patients. This is where the role of nurses comes under scrutiny, as nurses could act as a major contributing factor for the occurrence of medication errors. Generally diagnoses of the diseases are carried out by the physicians with the aid of other medical personnel, including lab technicians. Monitoring the status of the patients and providing them with the right medicine as prescribed by the physicians at the right time frames is the basic and the essential task of the nurses. Moreover the medication errors are nurse-oriented, as they attend to each and every need of the patients, and are in direct contact with the patients, everyday. Hence they need to have accurate details about the medication given as well as the timings of drug delivery and perfect monitoring of the patients. When they fail to perform their duties in relation to drug delivery, it could end up in medication errors. Some of the major medication errors that will be focused in this paper include the following, Over dosage of the medicine, or the route of administration Failure to prescribe or administer the exact drug to the patients Lack of observation – failure to observe the correct time of administration, this may be due to the difficulties in understanding the prescription and confusion about the different drugs which has similar names. ...
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Medication errors - from the nursing perspective Introduction and Purposes “Medication errors are typically defined as the deviations from a physician order.” (Mayo and Ducan, 2004). There are many sources which are identified as the major triggers of medication errors…
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