Health Promotion and Prevention: Alcohol Misuse

Health Promotion and Prevention: Alcohol Misuse Essay example
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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Health Promotion and Prevention: Alcohol Misuse The aim of this essay is provide a comprehensive analysis of the health promotion and prevention policies and strategies that the National Health Service in the UK and Hillingdon employ to combat alcohol misuse as a public health issue.


2.7 billion every year. Statistics indicate that in 2006-2007, there were more than 811,000 hospital admissions related to alcohol, an increase of about 71%. Moreover, most of the casualties from weekend are alcohol-related (Hongston and Simpson, 2002, p. 97). In the prevention of alcohol misuse as a health condition, the patient, the healthcare professional, and the carer are responsible for ensuring that they achieve their goals. Initial responsibility lies with the patient by identifying their problems. A patient with the problem of alcohol abuse is responsible for identifying their problem to their carers and healthcare professionals in order to instigate treatment in the early development stages (NAO, 2008). If patients ignore their drinking problems, the result may be devastating since the problem may become predominant, necessitating the intervention of other individuals. The carers are responsible for ensuring that patients adhere to the requirements of healthcare professionals as well as monitoring the progress of the patients (Clarke, 2001, p. 93). In addition, the caregivers are crucial in assisting the patients to set goals as well as improving their health maintenance strategies. Empirical evidence indicates that collaborative goal setting provides the best results in positive behavioural change. ...
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