Prevention of Falls in Acute Care Setting

Prevention of Falls in Acute Care Setting Research Paper example
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Name Professor Institution Course Date Prevention of falls in acute care setting Problem statement Falls is one of the causes of disability to old persons in the society. Studies show that 10% of older lot is under the effect of falls in a cute inpatient care (Schwendimann et al., 2006).


Other factors leading to deterioration in acute care of falls include the strategies used by individuals, the first stages of patients’ assessments, and continuing reassessment of the patients. The study on the approaches used in preventing injuries caused by falls includes assessment of individuals at high risks. In case of injuries, interviewing staff and members of the affected family is necessary for proper care. Factors leading to the problems In viewing the contributions to the problem, a number of factors cause increased cases of falls. Cognitive dysfunction is among the main risk factors. It refers to patients in severe confusion state known as delirium and those with existing cognitive injury known as dementia. Research shows at some point, over 30% of the inpatients have delirium 15% being the elderly (McCarter-Bayer et al., 2005). Dementia patients also suffer from a disease called Alzheimer and vascular dementia. Patients suffering from these infections have deteriorated strength and at risk of poly pharmacy. Impaired mobility is another falling risk factor resulting to body weakening. Low extreme mobility of the body causes the failure. This forces the patients to be in need for assistive devices. The use of medicines in an effort to counter the weaknesses in the body has side effects. ...
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