Literature Review on Drug Addiction in Davao City, Phillippines

Literature Review on Drug Addiction in Davao City, Phillippines  Research Paper example
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This is a literature review on drug addiction in Davao City, Philippines and the importance of psychological educational rehab centers for the youth. Drug addiction in Davao City Davao City is renowned for its ability to control illegal use of drugs. The city Mayor Sara Z.


Regarding this, the Mayor also placed strong importance on eradicating illegal use of prohibited drugs among the youth. Thus, the very presence of rehab center for the youth in the city would remarkably prove this important claim. Drug addiction in Davao City is a major concern as well as its total elimination or if not alleviation. This is due to strong political power that the City government substantially possessed over its people. The people remarkably supported the City Mayor’s vision on eradicating drug addiction in the city to make it free from crimes. In fact, Barangays are active in their participation on the lecture about the ill-effects of misusing drugs (City Government of Davao, 2012). In other words, the entire Davao City is in perfect harmony and unity with the goal of the government to build a City that is free from ill effects of drug addiction. Thus, it has just become a norm in the City to hear somebody shoot to dead especially when the victim would be a law breaker or offender and drug user. It in this reason that different institutions in the country have remarkable opinion the prevailing justice system in the country if indeed it is able to adjust the justice needs of the rural poor (Franco, 2008). ...
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