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Patient Hourly Rounding Introduction Patient safety and patient satisfaction are at the heart of nursing practice, and vital to the sustenance of any health care institution. This importance of patient safety and patient satisfaction means that innovative approaches to deliver these patient oriented factors should be the objective of nursing care and the health care institutions, which deliver patient care services.


This understanding only reinforces the need for changes in the delivery of nursing care and health care services, towards excellence in ensuring patient safety and patient satisfaction. To satisfy this objective, however, the best means to changes that provide it have to be uncovered (Grove, 2008). Patient Hourly Rounding The concept of patient hourly rounding originated in England, where it was termed patient comfort rounds. Patient hourly rounding is built on predetermined definite protocols. The norm for protocols in patient hourly rounding is founded on four P’s, which stand for pain, personal needs, positioning, and placement. Other issues that could be a part of the protocol for hourly rounding include changing of dressings, administration of medications, and patient education. ...
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