Article Review-Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios

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Running Head: Article Review-Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios. Article Review-Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios Name: Course Title: Instructor’s Name: Institution: Date: Article Review-Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios The nursing practice is quite challenging, because the working hours are long and they at times entail attending to night shifts, which may include caring for chronically ill or dying people.


In turn, this has lowered the quality and safety of care delivered to patients. As a result, experts in healthcare have argued that in order to better safety of patients and quality of care there needs to be a higher number of nurses so as to lower the nurse-to-patient ratio (NPR), which will ensure nurses have more time with patients, which will ensure quality care and assessment-which are contributing factors to enhancing quality and safety of care. The findings and debates around the ratio have already led to the development of legislation in some states and the publication of various researches, articles and papers on the same issue. This paper reviews various articles on this issue as covered in five academic databases accessed online using the following search words: “does mandating nurse-patient ratios improve care.” Title of Source, URL and author: The first work titled “The effect of nurse staffing on selected outcomes of care” is a 2008 publication found on the ProQuest online database. This piece of work can be viewed online at this Uniform Resource Locator (URL): The work is authored by Moh’d, Ali Saleh from The University of Wisconsin. ...
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