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School health Name Professor Institution Course Date School health comes about because of health education (Selekman, 2006). One of the most notable school health education forums was that conducted in nineteen sixties. This conference did a lot in shaping the modern health care system and establishing value for comprehensive health services to all (Aldinge & Whitman, 2009).


Its main aim is to promote students’ welfare through proper health (Selekman, 2006). School health became a topic of concern first in the nineteenth century in the US (Selekman, 2006). The issue emerged because of the many children who were employed together with their parents in factories and mines (Aldinge & Whitman, 2009). The health and working conditions were extremely unhealthy for children, and many fell sick quite often. Epidemics and deaths became frequent in healthcare concerns were out of reach for many. Diseases like tuberculosis spread remarkably fast especially in public schools where children would go after working (Selekman, 2006). Therefore, when a child fell ill, he or she was told to go home with a note, which the immigrant parents could not understand, and in case the parents understood the notes, health care was far out of reach for many. This accelerated spread of diseases like tuberculosis (Selekman, 2006). Suggestions for a look into school health were put forward, and a trial program started. After a month, tremendous improvements were noted in students’ performance and health. The first ever board of health was established (Selekman, 2006). ...
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