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NURSING Name: Course: Tutor: Date: ABSTRACT It has freshly come to the interest of medical experts that it is possible to give antibiotics prior to surgical procedures as a way of minimizing infection to orthopedic patients. In this particular research study, the clinical question of whether giving antibiotics within 1 hour before surgical incision to pre-operative orthopedic patients decreases the rate of infection as compared to those who do not receive antibiotics within the 1 hour will be addressed.


The study will also include any strengths, weaknesses or gaps in the Literature part of it where a few examples will be provided. A conclusion will be provided at the end of the study. Key Words: Orthopedics, antibiotics, infection. 1.0. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1.1. Clinical Question Does Giving Antibiotics within 1 Hour before Surgical Incision to Pre-Operative Orthopedic Patients Decrease Rate of Infection Compared to Patients Who Do Not Receive Antibiotics within 1 Hour? 1.2. PICO 1.2.1. Problem/Patient Patients who were sampled for this particular study where those with previous ailments and included patients who are allergic to penicillin. Such patients were administered 600mg of clindamycin (Kim et al., 2010). All 317 patients were undergoing various surgical initiatives such as total knee arthroplasty, total hip arthroplasty and spine surgery (Jamsen et al., 2010). Before the main intervention was carried out, a number of the patients cited a few concerns regarding the whole process. ...
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