Health Systems Issues and Management

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1. INTRODUCTION The discrepancy in the existing health system and admittance to medical care facilities that subsist amid the minority sections of the population of United States has been accepted as a familiar problem by the government since the early 1970s.


Even though some system-wide obstructions to a proper health care system are well thought-out elsewhere, they also require extraordinary thoughtfulness with the majority of the ethnic minority sections because the concerns are elevated by the cultural dynamics. The urgent requirement to reflect on the cultural and traditional factors that impediment the medical care of the minorities has been identified by many countries around the globe. Yet most of these governments are not at all close to solving the problem of cultural incompetency of medical providers, (Shortell, Hull, 1996) The main reason is that most of the time, a patient’s tradition is habitually perceived as a setback, which ultimately creates a barricade to providing effective medical care. Marginalization of traditions and culture of the minority groups of the ethnic patients diminishes the accountability of the medical care providers. ...
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