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Nurse Staffing Issues [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Introduction In United States of America, an average nurse ages 40 years and above and when ever eight nurses quit their field, only five enter the field to replace them (Griffin, 2006, p.97).


The top three issues of nurse staffing include: heavy increment in the turnover rate of nurse staff, lower number of staff and higher number of patients especially in those health care facilities that look after acute patients and compensation issues in accordance to the level of care required or provided (Wunderlich, 1996, . Discussion The turnover rate in health care and nursing facilities is very high. The problem of high nurse turnover rate experienced by nursing issue is caused because nursing institutions pay less to their nurses than hospitals on hourly basis. Nurses are provided training and certification in the field of nursing by the government as well as nursing organizations. After obtaining training, nurses leave these institutions for high pay offered by hospitals. The overall health care system is facing hi9gh nurse turnover rate because these nurses switch field as soon as the economy starts growing and other jobs become available. For example: when the tourism industry experiences a boom, nurses switch industry as well as jobs and gain employment as cleaners or waitresses. Due to these staffing issues, many health care organizations especially those that provide care to acute patients hire nursing assistants (NA). These NAs try at their optimum ability to provide high quality care to but the problem is that the numbers of NAs available are too low. ...
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