Clinical Judgement and Decision Making

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Clinical Judgment and Decision Making Insert Name Course Tutor Institution Date Clinical Judgment and Decision Making Introduction In the current world, there is a well-established and mounting body on judgment and decision-making (JDM). There has been a recurring discussion concerning the constructs and description of judgment and decision making process (Grobe, Drew and Fonteyn 2001).


Nevertheless, in a professional clinical background, judgment is observed as a professional selection other than task: genuine life practice rather than imagined actions of those who view professional status as a good in its own other than a way to an attractive, namely the higher quality care and treatment of patients (Benner, Hooper-Kyriakidis and Stannard 2009). The ultimate aim of this context is to examine the aspect of clinical judgment and decision-making. This is done by identifying a clinical judgment and decision-making in a clinical environment. It also examines a theoretical framework and associated concepts that has been studied and that is considered relevant in judgment and decision-making. Description Identification of Clinical Judgment and decision-making R. L is a 76-year-old man with pressing on Parkinson’s disease. He has reasonably extreme dysarthria and a history of aspiration pneumonia and weight loss. On access to the hospice, he refuted incidents of choking or other challenges with swallowing. He lives alone, and has a part-time assistant. Before accessing the hospital, he marked an advance instruction not to have a stomach tube put at any level in his disease. The key doctor feels that the patient is capable enough to make this choice. ...
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