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Maternal/Child: Teratogenic Medication/Drug

A woman who takes alcohol during pregnancy and it is proved that the tendency affected her child could be charged in a court of law. Defects involved with consumption of alcohol during pregnancy include facial abnormalities, growth deficiencies and psychomotor disorders. No woman who is expecting should ingest alcohol during her pregnancy owing to proven side effects. Maternal/ Child: Teratogenic Medication/Drug Teratogenic medication or drugs cause disturbance to the development of the embryo or fetus in the mother’s womb. They arrest the pregnancy or lead to a birth defects or congenital malformation. Groups of teratogens include maternal infections, chemicals, drugs and radiation. Alcohol is classified under addictive drug type of teratogens. There is no safe period during pregnancy when a woman can take alcohol or safe amount of it. Pregnant mothers who consume alcohol give birth to children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome characterized by the child having unusually low weight at birth, small head circumference, flat mid face, small eyes that are widely spaced, thin upper lip and short upturned nose (Jones and Bass, 2003). When a pregnant woman ingests alcohol, so does their unborn child; the alcohol easily moves through the placenta to the baby. ...
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Maternal/ Child: Teratogenic Medication/Drug Name Institution Date Abstract This paper discusses alcohol as a teratogen and how it affects pregnant women and fetuses or embryos in their wombs. Alcohol ingested during pregnancy leads to the birth of handicapped children…
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