The Clash of Science, Politics,and Medical Marijuana - Essay Example

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The Clash of Science, Politics,and Medical Marijuana

Apart from that there is additional proof to support the utilization of marijuana for pain and nausea resulting from chemotherapy, as well as muscle spasticity linked with multiple sclerosis. Therefore, nurses play a crucial role being activists in encouraging elimination of obstacles to the use of medicinal marijuana. With the legalization of medicinal marijuana, nurses will be permitted to advocate for patient use of marijuana when it comes to medicinal purposes. This is possible through the coming together of a growing number of state nursing associations through the backing of therapeutic use of marijuana (Diana, 2011). What problems were encountered? Although medicinal marijuana has a number of benefits associated with it, marijuana has in most cases been flaunted as one of the harmless recreational substances available. Perhaps this is true considering that a number of reputable scientific studies concur that alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and even cigarettes tend to be more dangerous to the health of the user compared to marijuana. ...
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The Clash of Science, Politics and Medical Marijuana Name Institution What did you learn about the role of the nurse as an activist? Medical marijuana, otherwise known as medical cannabis, medical pot, medical weed or medicinal marijuana tends to be an affordable, safe, as well as an effective alternative for a number of expensive, fruitless and highly addictive prescription medicines…
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