The Role of the Health and Social Care Professionals in the Care of an ACS Patient

The Role of the Health and Social Care Professionals in the Care of an ACS Patient  Essay example
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THE ROLE OF THE HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE PROFESSIONALS IN THE CARE OF AN ACS PATIENT Name Course Instructor Institution Date According to Giugliano, et al (2011, p. 119) Acute Coronary Syndrome is a heart condition which results from erosion or rapture of an Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery plaque which causes its disruption.


265). Social care professionals are also mandated to provide patients with ACS with sufficient information. Before arriving in the hospital, patients with ACS must be provided with adequate information by the care providers such as the ability of the hospital to adequately manage the condition. Moreover, patient centered care demands that, on arrival, patients are sufficiently informed on the procedure and investigations which they would undergo through. The informative role of health care professional is also important when patients are receiving test results. In this case, health care professional must discuss the available treatment options for the conditions so that patient is enabled to make informed decisions (Marshall, 2011, p. 48). The anxiety which patients with ACS demonstrate reveals that social care professional must be skilled and able to apply these skills in elevating the fears within the patients about their conditions. Movahed, et al (2010, p. 60) point out that the plan of the health care professionals must therefore include providing their patients with accurate information with a view of removing any misconceptions that the patients would be having about the ACS. ...
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