Care of Sick Children

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Name Professor Course Date Care of sick Children Introduction Overview of the key issues involved in the principles of palliative care for children Palliative care entails playing an active role in taking care of the well-being of children in various different ways.


This entails that the care continues even if the child does not receive direct treatment for the diagnosed disease. Health professionals are entitled to evaluate and alleviate a number of issues relating to the child. These issues include physical and psychological well-being of the concerned child. Moreover, medical professionals are also entitled to consider the social distress of the affected child. In order to have an effective palliative care, it requires application of a multidisciplinary approach. This means that in palliative care, the family of the child is supposed to make their contribution and be ready to assist with available resources. However, palliative care also takes place even if there are limited resources. Another significant issue is that palliative care can be provided in various areas. These areas include various tertiary care facilities and public health centers. Palliative care can also be provided in the affected children’s home. There is close connection of palliative care with a child’s death. Death tends to be the only issue that hampers application of and access of palliative care to children. However, even with the occurrence of the death, palliative care is entitled to take place as one of the components of treatments. ...
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