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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Name Institution Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Introduction Measles is an extremely contagious disease, and it is transmitted from one person to another through the body fluids from the nose and mouth.


Many suspected that the cause of disease is because of lack of knowledge of the hospital personnel like the nurses and doctors. The disease being highly contagious can lead to many cases within a short period. I will do a research on the Texas Children Hospital to find out the number of children that have measles. I will also analyze the level of knowledge of nurses and doctors to account for the increased prevalence of the disease. Background of study Problem The chief problem that has increased level of patients under five years having measles is ignorance. This is because the new nurses and doctors have not experienced children that have the measles infection. This is because for, a long time, the disease in Boston has been nonexistent because of vaccination (Fabes & Martin, 2008). Therefore, the doctors cannot correctly diagnose the disease as measles. Again, the new doctors and nurses do not know the importance of issuing vaccines to children. This is because they have just learned about the diseases in medical schools but have never treated a child with the disease to know how it is serious. Significance The significance of the study is to enlighten the nurses on the danger of neglecting these reduced but acutely dangerous diseases. ...
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