Role of Mentor in Evaluating Student Learning

Role of Mentor in Evaluating Student Learning Essay example
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Introduction Education is hugely important part of every individual that not only helps to empowers but also equips one with personal and professional competencies to compete and face the challenges of time. As such, the role of teachers and mentors becomes critical for myriad reasons.


Hence, the role of mentors and teachers becomes crucial as they are major facilitators of learning processes for children, young adults and students of higher learning (Megginson et al., 2006). The paper would therefore, critically evaluate the role of mentor in evaluating student learning in the nursing profession. What is mentoring Mentors can be broadly be defined as guides and advisors for students in the process of learning. Though exact roles and responsibilities of mentors cannot be clearly defined but various scholars affirm that mentors mainly focus on individual students and facilitate learning environment in practice setting (Carnwell et al., 2007; Phillips et al., 1996; White et al., 1993). The major aim is to assess and evaluate students’ competencies, especially during pre-registration of healthcare workers. Department of Health has described it as ‘nurse, midwife or health visitor who facilitates learning, supervises and assesses students in the clinical setting’ (2001:6). Mentoring is intrinsic part of healthcare profession where mentors serve as important links in refining the skills and competencies of individuals to improve and improvise their performance. Thus, mentors are mainly experienced coaches or peer group who are capable of guiding young learners and sharpen their skills in the defined areas of expertise. ...
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