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The reason I chose Iraq is that, it is between the rivers commonly referred to as the cradle of civilization and origin of law, writing and the wheel (Marr, 2011). The Northern part is mountainous. Iraq has also a small coastline 58km wide along Persian Gulf. Geography Iraq lies between longitude 39° and 49° E and latitude 29° and 38° N. It has a span of 437,072 km2. The Northern part is mountainous with the highest point being Cheekah Dar, which is 3,611m. Idaho is half its’ size. The capital city of Iraq is Baghdad other cities include; Mosul, Basrah, Kirkuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah. Iraq’s terrain is characterised by broad plains, reedy marshes in the south and mountainous landscape in the north. It ismostly dry and hot since it is a desert. Population The Iraq’s total population as at April 2009 was estimated to be 31.2 million. According to Central Intelligence Agency, 75% of the Iraq population comprises of Arabs. This is followed by Kurds who are 15-20%, and while others include only 5% (Cotter, 2011). Government Iraq has a federal government that defined by the constitution as Islamic, federal, democratic, and parliamentary and republic (Cotter, 2011). This government has three branches, the executive, judiciary and legislature. The government has many independent commissions. There are areas in Iraq that has governorates apart from the federal government. Some districts have jurisdiction regarding some lawful matters. The governorates in Iraq are eighteen and are divided into districts. Iraqi Kurdistan is a region that is legally defined having quasi-official militia and its own government. In 2005, Iraq passed a new constitution by 78% majority voting in favour of it. The new constitution got greatest support from Shia and Kurdish communities (Cotter, 2011). Economy Oil is the greatest contributor to Iraq’s economy. It provides most of the foreign exchange earnings to Iraq. The economy of Iraq suffered extensive losses due to the war and lost close to US$100 billion. After the war, oil exports have tremendously increased new pipelines were constructed, and damaged facilities restored. Low oil prices, costs of construction and war debts repayments made Iraq suffer immense financial crisis (Tripp, 2007). Iraq got a debt relief that was to be implemented in two stages. These stages include two of 30% and the other 20%. Iraq has 2nd largest oil reserve in the world consisting of 143.1 billion barrels. It produces over 2.9 million barrels each day and exports over 1.7 million barrels daily. Citi group described Iraq as 'Global Growth Generators' in Feb, 2011. It argument was that it would grow economically in the future. State of health in Iraq Iraq’s state health fluctuated during the war and the rule of Saddam Hussein. He cut the funding of public health by ninety percent and this caused declined in health care. This was when maternal mortality got higher three times than it was before. Medical personnel salaries got cut down significantly. In 1980, the medical facilities that were leading in Middle East deteriorated. Water-borne diseases and malnutrition were common in 1990s (Elliot, 1996). Conflict and war in Iraq led to the destruction of many health facilities and government main laboratories. Some hospitals were operating during the war by means of international funding. Incidences of typhoid, malaria, cholera and tuberculosis got high in 2005. In 2006, there were plans to spend US$1.5 billion on healthcare. It was in this year that HIV/AIDS cases were from blood transfusions and only 16% from sexual transmissions. AIDS Research Centre in IRAQ provides testing and free treatment. HIV/AIDS testing is a must to foreigners visiting Iraq. Currently, ...Show more


Iraq is located in Western Asia. It is ranked in the world as the 58th-largest country compared to California a state in US. Iraq is mainly a desert that is near rivers Tigris and Euphrates. These two rivers make Iraq fertile. …
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IRAQ essay example
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