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Essay example - Establishing a Healthy Work Environment by Improving Nurse and CNA Communication

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Establishing a healthy work environment by improving nurse and CNA communication regarding patient care Name: Institution: Abstract Nurses have suffered for long due to exposure to unhealthy working conditions. A lasting solution is necessary to finally relieve the nurses off this menace…

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Nurses are exposed to a lot of pressure every day. This makes them vulnerable to living in an unhealthy work environment. Improving nurse and CNA communication regarding patient care are a perfect solution to this menace. Through the umbrella of the CAN, nurses are able to share their experiences regarding patient care. They are able to identify imminent danger and contain it in reasonable time. These would ensure the establishment of a healthy working condition for nurses comes to pass. The CNA is a union of laborers in the Nursing profession in the United States. Its members are all nurses by profession. They have practiced in the profession for varied lengths of time. Their collective knowledge is intense. Through enhancing communication between the members of the CAN, it is possible to establish a healthy working environment for all nurses. The world is currently moving towards making the work environment a safe haven. There is a race against time to see to it that the working environment is cozy and healthy for nurses. Literature review Nurses have for long suffered from a lot of work related mistreatment. These are the main sources of the lack of a healthy working environment in the nursing profession. Nurses are always burdened by enormous workloads. These leave them altogether fatigued and unable to give their best input in the work place. The moral of the nurses is killed entirely. ...
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