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CURRICULUM EVALUATION NAME: INSTITUTION: COURSE: LECTURER: DATE: Introduction Nursing education is given in different ways depending on the curriculum adopted. In order for the nursing profession to be developed, however, the curriculum in use needs to be evaluated.


The curriculum aims to meet their needs, and have notable and measurable outcomes from the program (Keating, 2010). There are different models that nursing educators have designed over time so as to evaluate different curricula used in nursing education. There is the Nightingale Model, the Tyler Model, the Baldridge Evaluation System and the CIPP. This essay examines the Nursing curriculum of the University of Phoenix according to the CIPP model of curriculum evaluation. CIPP model This model is a qualitative method of evaluating curricula. The initials CIPP stand for “context, inputs, processes, and products.” It uncovers aspects that more contextual approaches have hidden. This is one of the advantages of this method, it brings to light, social processes that influence curriculum implementation, such as power relationships. It also helps the audience to understand the details of the situations. The CIPP model further helps in the development of instruments for quantitative evaluation of curricula (Utley, 2011). This model allows for the core components of nursing education to be evaluated at formative and summative levels. The components that are analysed in this case are as given by the initials the model name indicates. The curriculum The curriculum in issue builds up on previous knowledge as the learners are expected to add to their knowledge on several body systems. ...
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