Job Hunting in the Health Care Environment

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Job Hunting in the Health Care Environment Name: Institution: Job Hunting in the Health Care Environment The health care environment in many countries around the world has been among one of the stable markets that are still remaining (Derricott, 2012). The economic turmoil that many countries are going through has seen many markets fall.


This is since the requirements are still high. This implies that, the only thing that can reduce the working force in the health care environment would be the qualifications of the labour force. This paper will review how the health care environment has grown. It will also look at how the job hunts for opportunities in the health care environment are being handled by individuals. Finding a job that one could solely depend on in these harsh economic times is hard (Derricott, 2012). Some consider looking for a job, a job in itself. It is not what one is able to do, but who one knows. In the health care system, many young people are keen to capitalise on the opportunity of landing a job, and being able to enjoy life. However, this dream is turning into a nightmare for many. Those that have finished medical school, looking to find a job are being taken through a system of continuous assessments to ensure they are fit for the job. After the tests, they find that they have not been selected for the job (CAPS, 2012). Many people are crying foul over such treatment in the health care environment. It is not that they are not qualified for the job; it is just the system is considered biased. Some have claimed that the reason why they never got the job was because they did not look the part. ...
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