AIC test and diabetes.

AIC test and diabetes. Essay example
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AIC test and diabetes.
From this study, it was found that A1C level of a patient provides a reliable measure of controlling chronic glycemia without the need for a timed sample or fasting, and it correlates highly with the long-term risk of diabetes-related complications and mortality.


It has been found that AIC test is not recommended for diagnosing diabetes among adolescents with diabetes. The conventional fasting plasma glucose test in which a patient is put on fast for 8 hours prior to testing has been found to detect more undiagnosed cases of diabetes among adolescents compared to the AIC test. The suitability of this among children is still debatable. For example, the American Diabetes Association has given guidelines on how it can be used in children yet researchers from Michigan University caution against the same. The AIC test tool is therefore best applicable to adults. This suitability is supported by research which indicates that AIC test is more sensitive in diagnosing adults accurately compared to adolescents.
The application of the findings of this study to adults simply entails making a shift from the use of the fasting blood glucose tests to using AIC tests when diagnosing diabetes among adults. To diagnose diabetes, physicians used to rely on fasting blood glucose tests that produced real-time results. This type of test produces inaccurate readings if the patient had not eaten properly or was sick. On the contrary, the A1C test has the benefit of not requiring the patient to stay without food/fast for eight hours before diagnostic tests. one of the specific applications of the results of this study is the improvement of the timing and accuracy of diagnosing diabetes among adults.
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