Irritable Bowel syndrome

Irritable Bowel syndrome Essay example
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Nursing Name Professor Institution Date Nursing Some of the additional information required is: Causes of abdominal pains History of other ailments, like HIV/AIDS The weather and climatic change What causes extreme fatigue Any liver diagnosis Any problems with the appendix If there any bile duct complications Presence of irritable bowel syndrome Any physical examinations performed Mothers full medical history in details concerning the bad stomach Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) This syndrome is associated with abdominal pains either due to abnormal contractions of intestinal muscles or visceral hyper sensitivity caused by sensitive nerves within the intestine.


Anemia is mainly caused by iron deficiency though Maria eats regular diet. Being overweight can also be a source of fatigue, and may cause sleep disorders. The remedy would be to lose weight, quit certain lifestyles like smoking, drinking, and sleeping with CPAP device that keeps the air passages open. Taking the right diet is another remedy to help level blood sugar in optimal ranges. The diet should include foods such as eggs, and taking snacks throughout the day (Leon &, Marc, 2005), Anemia causes iron deficiency during menstrual blood loss in women, since more red blood cells are needed to carry enough oxygen to the tissues and organs. Hypothyroidism is a thyroid, which is a small gland in the lower neck that controls metabolism. One will feel sluggish and may add weight if the gland is under active, and the metabolism functions is too slow. This occurs when the speed of converting fuels into energy is too slow. ...
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